Fitness Advice and Review Telegraph: an insider’s look at the trending fitness topics of today.


Google is a great tool. Ask it anything and get an answer. Google has one limitation though: fitness. Google any fitness topic and you’ll never get a straight answer about anything. Instead, you’ll get countless tips, tricks, and solutions from health experts that all recommend wildly different things. No wonder we’re confused. 

The fitness industry has failed you, and you deserve better. 

If you’re looking for fitness advice, you should get good, accurate advice. That’s why FART breaks down the latest fitness news and trends each week in our members-only newsletter, the Fitness Advice and Review Telegraph, or FART. 

Each week you will get an insider look at what’s going on in the fitness world. Here’s what you can expect in each email:

  • Review new fitness research.

  • Breakdown fitness trends to see if they’re any better than the sound of passing gas.

  • Demystify confusing fitness topics.

  • Answer member questions.

  • Maybe share some cat pictures once in a while.